Saturday, October 9, 2010

NO Flight Attendant

Well this is the first time I have ever been on a delayed Plane because they lost their flight attendant.  The told us we would be set back about an hour and a half.  Luckily we were only delayed for about half an hour.  I dont know where they managed to pull an attendant out of but I was glad to be back on the plane heading home.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Internet on a Plane!!

Well I sure do like technology.  I am blogging and looking down on the world from a cruising altitude of 34000 feet.  Its nice we now have more options than just reading or sleeping on the plane, of course they are going to take your money for the service which I think is kinda high but, you know what I am FLYING through the air and I could surf the Internet,play online games, chat with family and friends (Who are still on the ground by the way), and Post notes to my blog.  I think next weekend I may try to post a video on how to pan for gold.  I think its time to sign out but not before using a quote from a great movie, "Whats your Vector, Victor"

On the road again

Get to go home today!  Two weeks out is a long time and I am excited to get back to Alaska.  I will post again when I get back to Alaska.

Spaghetti Tacos?

I just read about spaghetti Tacos, they are becoming a new fad?  I can see why, a food combination like that is just to interesting to pass up.  I dont normally like spaghetti very much but the idea of combining two very different dishes seems like to much fun to pass up.  I think when I get back to Alaska I may have to give this Spaghetti Tacos thing a try.  I will post the results of my experiment and some pictures too.

The Bucket Dredge

Boy, I wish I had one of these.  This one was abandoned many years ago right where it sits.  Since I took this picture the dredge has been dismantled, I believe it was deemed a hazard because people would go climb around on it.

You never know what you will see


You will never know what you come across when out and about.  This cabin has it all, beach front, great view and a very solid foundation!  If you think it was edited to look this way,  think again this is a real live place.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Try me

Go ahead ask me a question about Alaska or Gold Mining, I would love to give you an answer.

Looks whats under our porch!

Woke up one morning and went out on the porch and Heard some rustling below, when I looked I found a Mother moose with two newly born calf's

Beautiful day at Kenai Lake

We spent the afternoon walking the shores of Kenai Lake enjoying the wonderful day, then I made an attempt to explain the mysteries of the universe( Its a good thing she did not understand much of what I was saying)

I wanna be a Rocker

Does she like it or hate it?  Sure looks like she is rocking out to me!

Bunnies meet baby, baby meet bunnies

The baby was helping us feed the bunnies, actually she just stood there and stared since she could not move in the snow suite,  reminds me of a movie, hrmm..... wonder which one?

It tough having to share your back yard with others

Up here you never know who is going to stop by for dinner.  Oh well needed the lawn mowed anyway.  These guys hung out for a couple of days,  you have to be careful when walking around one may just be hiding around the corner of the house.

Whats Between Chicken and Eagle, Alaska?

I know, I know you have always wondered what is between Chicken and Eagle, Alaska.  Breathtaking scenery! Amazing wildlife, and us exploring the Great North

Thats where babies come from

We have a good state fair up here that has lots of amazing things to see.  Livestock, Fruits, vegetables, rides, comedy shows, concerts and the always wonderful elephant ears mmmmmm.

Lyra Trying to learn all she can about Gold Mining

The baby was very interested in the operation we had going on, we will make a gold miner out of her yet!

Recreational Site

Here we are taking advantage of a State of Alaska Recreational Gold Mining area.  Not a bad pan for half days worth of crawling around in a stream

Pack Mule

Well I dont know why they call it a backpack dredge it does not seem to fit very well into a pack.  I am the pack mule, the family and I are getting ready to head back into the hills to find some gold

A Little Bit of Gold

Well I signed off and then decided that I cant leave this blog out there without any pictures or any kind of information so here it one of a nice clean out of "JudgeDredge", thats what we call our little 2" Keene dredge.  Sorry about the glare in the pan there is about a pennyweight in this pan.

Stuck in Ohio

Well i am just about done in Ohio been here for a week for training, boy, there is nothing to do in Lima


Well this is my first blog and I will soon be posting alot of info about alaska